The plan going forward

I have been writing about my life, my struggles, and triumphs for quite some time.  First on Livejournal, and for the past few years Facebook.  I had a recent event in my life (stay tuned, true-believers!) that I began documenting on Facebook, only to find that many of the people that I wanted to relate my story to, did not use Facebook for a variety of reasons, and even though the posts were “public”  they are hidden from anyone who does not have a Facebook account.

So, I made the choice to have a public-facing blog where I talked about the mental health aspects of my life. I am sure other areas will creep in, (bisexual! atheist! pet-owner! Jedi Knerd!) but my mental illness will be the main thrust of this blog for the forseeable future.

I will begin with some older work, saved here and there,  then I plan to write about a recent crisis where I was hospitalized, and the issues that brings up.  Once that is done, then I will probably begin to post less-frequently about events and thoughts as they occur to me.

Thank you for reading this, it is my sincere hope that I will illuminate, inform, and at times incense in a way that is entertaining and engaging.

One thought on “The plan going forward

  1. Mandie Biggs says:

    Let me start this out right. My name is Mandie Biggs and I have a mental illness. I am Bipolar and suffer from PTSD. I am not ashamed of who I am and will gladly state it to those who ask.
    With that said, Christopher, well-written as always. I will be a faithful follower of this one as it will be interesting to see if your issues parallel as you share them. Lots of luv and support as you open this part of you to all of us.

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